About Us

Nanox is a nano-biotechnology company, constantly engaged in the research and development of advanced discovery, testing and commercialization of nano-pharmaceutical drugs. The company has developed and specialized in conventional liposomes, pegylated liposomes, and microspheres depot with PLGA (polylactide - polyglycolide copolymers) formulations. These technologies are applicable to drugs, small molecules, peptides and proteins. Nanox's current activities have focused on the clinical development of nano-particulate targeting of drug to specific tissues with promise of progressive treatment and innovative therapeutics options with high efficacy and less side effects for patients with high unmet medical needs. As a fully integrated nanotechnology company, Nanox delivers innovative nanotech solutions, across discovery and development.

The company's core business focuses in the development and innovation of alternative nanotech drug delivery processes and products destined to complex treatments such as oncology, hematology, transplants, infections and AIDS. In addition, Nanox provides advanced drug formulation, products development, clinical scale manufacturing and technical support to the pharmaceutical industry worldwide with a focus on difficult-to-formulate active pharmaceutical ingredients. We seek to deliver truly innovative and life-changing drugs. Our mission as a company is to build a major global nano-biopharmaceutical corporation while focusing on the discovery, the nano-technology, the development, and the commercialization of products for the treatment of the cancer and other severe immune, inflammatory conditions.

Why Choose Nanox?

We are working on the medical challenges developing technologies to fight cancer and infections diseases. To overcome these challenges we collaborate with R&D center and universities from all around the world, working with original ideas to discover new target therapies. Our main scope is to turn these ideas into reality. The more promising technologies are in licensed and developed in our labs and being transformed into nano medicines. Our success is to connect scientific experts in the nanotechnology field with our commitment, passion and creativity to bring innovation to the patients needs.

High Efficacy

High Accumulation

Less Toxic and Adverse Effects

Management & R&D Technical Team Expertise

Senior team with great experience in development of controlled release technologies and targeted therapies. Collaboration agreements with most important R&D centers in bio-nano-science and nanotechnology of Argentina.

Our team has participated in various technology transfers between Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, USA and India. Working closely with university researchers and staff, with know-how in many fields, including nanotechnology, medicine and pharmaceuticals, Nanox actively focuses on making these technologies commercially viable, with the higher quality standards.

Management & R&D Technical Team Expertise