01 APR

Córdoba is developing last generation Nanotechnology

The patent for an oncology scientific development carried out by Ceprocor was transferred to the company Nanox Realese Technology. From now on, the company and researchers will continue with the clinical phases of production and commercialization.

Original source: La Provincia desarrolla tecnología de punta.

08 APR

Nanox incorporates nanotechnology applied to cancer drugs

It is a nanostructure developed and transferred by CEPROCOR and CONICET capable of transporting cancer drugs to tumor cells. In the next phase, Nanox Release Technology S.A will advance in clinical instances, production and marketing together with expert researchers.

15 SEP

Nanox start working in glioblastoma diseases with the new patented technology

For the treatment of glioma and other central nervous system diseases, one of the biggest challenges is that most therapeutic drugs cannot be delivered to the brain tumor tissue due to the blood–brain barrier (BBB). It was constructed a nanodelivery vehicle system with capabilities to overcome the BBB for central nervous system administration. Doxorubicin as a model drug encapsulated in ganglioside GM1 micelles was able to achieve a encapsulation efficiency by experimental design.